Why a Copilot is the future of Frontline Operations

In just a few months, we will celebrate Tulip’s 9th anniversary, and our enduring dedication to giving the people at the forefront of frontline industries like manufacturing better tools. Since day one Tulip has invested in building advanced technology capabilities into a purpose-built platform that is fundamentally user-centric, open, and extensible.

We’ve been hard at work on the next innovation we are bringing to operations around the world – Frontline Copilot. This collection of AI features within the platform will help users with tasks related to their manufacturing operations. With Frontline Copilot, we are introducing a new natural language-based approach to the platform, enhancing the creation experience and human-centric core of Tulip with generative AI.

Leveraging Frontline Copilot

Engineers and operators can use the Frontline Copilot to receive data insights and recommendations on actions to take to improve performance. Future releases in the platform will allow app builders to query their data, and create analyses and dashboards with Frontline Copilot acting as an intuitive natural-language based assistant. This lets stakeholders see the metrics they care about quickly, without any technical proficiency.

For example, operators will be able to chat with documents and extract key text from their work. Users can also tap into advanced translation and classification capabilities natively within apps to make everyday production tasks more accessible and intuitive.

These AI-powered analysis features are just the beginning. In addition to improving data access and analysis, citizen developers will be able to use Copilot to build new apps and widgets faster and without coding. The platform’s AI capabilities will let engineers focus on delivering valuable human-centric experiences to make operators work easier.

Why AI? Why Copilot for Manufacturing?

AI technology is experiencing exponential growth this year and creating significant impact across multiple industries and domains. Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, will drive a historic shift in workforce allocation within software and information technology. Similarly, combining the power of no-code capabilities with generative AI is a game-changer that is empowering frontline workers and shaping the future of manufacturing.

Since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Tulip users have been able to connect their OpenAI API with out of the box Tulip integrations and example apps in the Tulip Library to take advantage of the classification and chat capabilities of the large language model (LLM). Frontline Copilot will take this a step further by providing native AI capabilities across the Tulip platform, making building lean solutions effortless, fast, and efficient.

What to expect

Next week Tulip customers can apply for our first closed beta for platform-native generative AI capabilities.

This is just the beginning. We believe the potential of AI-powered features extends far beyond this initial capability. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing updates about where AI may appear in the platform, in places like Custom Widgets, Analytics, and the App Editor.

As we shape the future of frontline operations and bring powerful AI Copilot tools to the Tulip platform, we invite you to join us on this journey. If you’re interested in trying out these features and providing feedback, email us at copilot@tulip.co. Together we can work to revolutionize the operations landscape.

Learn more about Frontline Copilot at Operations Calling

We will be announcing our work on AI on September 12, 2023 at Tulip’s annual conference in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Save your seat!

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