Swedrive Celebrates 50 Years

Swedrive Celebrates 50 Years
Swedrive Celebrates 50 Years

The 50th anniversary celebration marks Swedrive’s continued success and growth over the past five decades. Swedrive was founded in Lagan, Sweden in 1973 and has since kept its local touch even though the customers are spread worldwide. 

The company was founded by five friends who worked together, and the four of them still alive. They visited Swedrive during the open house and gave their points of view, from historical milestones to today’s technology. From left to right, the four of the five founders of Swedrive are Stig Lindahl, Lars Arvidsson, Håkan Andersson, and Enar Lindetorp. Missing from the picture is Erik Granath. The CEO of Swedrive, Bengt-Erik Karlberg, is on the far right.

To celebrate the 50th birthday, the company invited the public to an “Open House” event where more than 600 visitors took the chance to see the premises from inside. Later this autumn, the whole company will make a celebration and study tour to Germany, where some customer applications will be visited and seen in real life at the customer’s site.

“It is a great team to be a part of. The company’s strong teamwork and passion for its work, the founder’s ongoing interest, and pride in the company’s achievements testify to Swedrive’s success and longevity. We are grateful to our customers and partners who have supported us throughout the years, and we look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions and great service for many more years to come, said Bengt-Erik Karlberg, CEO of Swedrive.

“The commitment to maintaining a local touch despite a global customer base highlights the company’s dedication to quality and personalized service,” said Mika Virtanen, VP Air Technology and Electromechanics of Dacke Industri, and Chairman of the Board for Swedrive. “We believe that our success lies in our ability to truly understand and meet the unique needs of every customer, no matter where they are in the world. Looking forward to continuing this tradition and many more years of serving our customers with the same dedication and commitment.”

About Swedrive

Swedrive AB develop and produce customer specific worm gears, screw jacks and electromechanical cylinders to high demanding industrial customers. The company is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We are about 70 emplyees and net sales at SEK 200 million.

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