Saudi Arabia Pursues Fully Digitized Solar Systems to Gain Energy Self-sufficiency

Saudi Arabia Pursues Fully Digitized Solar Systems to Gain Energy Self-sufficiency
Saudi Arabia Pursues Fully Digitized Solar Systems to Gain Energy Self-sufficiency

July 12,  2023 – Saudi Arabia plans to invest $270 billion in renewable energies to modernize the country and diversify its economy, which is currently heavily dependent on oil.

The country is already carrying out large-scale projects such as the construction of the 119MWp solar photovoltaic power plant in Wadi Ad-Dawasir or the installation of 750,000 solar panels for the “Red Sea Project.”

To achieve the goals set out in the country’s “Vision 2030,” WILOC, which has already worked with national companies such as Saudi Aramco, offers solutions that make it possible to digitize these processes, reducing the time required for the commissioning of solar parks and increasing their productivity.

With its “Vision 2030,” Saudi Arabia is seeking to modernize the country and diversify its heavily oil-dependent economy. To this end, it has decided to focus on renewable energies, with special emphasis on solar energy. Thanks to its privileged geographical position, Saudi Arabia has enormous potential for harnessing this type of energy. In fact, the GCC (Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf) has established itself as a perfect test case for solar energy in emerging markets.

Given the region’s high solar yield, abundance of available land, and government interest (incentives and investments) in increasing the country’s clean energy and decoupling from its dependence on oil, solar power already accounted for 97% of the GCC’s clean energy generation capacity in 2021 alone. Taking all these factors into account, Saudi Arabia is already planning to invest additionally $270 billion in clean energy, digitizing its processes with the aim of ensuring its energy self-sufficiency and extracting maximum profitability from this type of projects.

To achieve this, companies and the country’s government must consider relevant players within the industry, as is the case of WILOC, which has extensive experience in providing solutions that favour the digitization of processes in sectors such as solar energy. Having collaborated in several projects on an international scale, some of them with national companies such as Saudi Aramco, WILOC has improved the productivity of work sites by more than 35%, the planning of operations and data-driven decision making, consolidating itself as a highly relevant actor to save time in the start-up and boost the achievement of objectives in this type of works.
Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” in the energy field aims to generate at least 50% of its electricity from renewable energies (the other half from gas) and has already begun to take the first steps towards this goal.

As part of Saudi Arabia’s National Renewable Energy Program, the country has already obtained financing from various foreign and domestic companies for the construction of a 119 MWp solar photovoltaic power plant in Wadi Ad-Dawasir. All this without forgetting to implement digital tools, such as those offered by WILOC, which make it possible, for example, to schedule and carry out maintenance on the equipment in advance, monitoring the status of each of the plant’s elements at all times.

The Arab country already has other projects in hand that do nothing but boost penetration, investment and digitalization in solar energy at the national level. It is worth mentioning the installation of 750,000 solar panels and five solar stations dedicated to the operation of the first phase of the “Red Sea Project,” which consists of 16 hotels, commercial and leisure facilities, and support infrastructure facilities that will operate entirely with renewable energies. Also, and no less important, the country is already in the process of developing a 2,060-megawatt solar photovoltaic plant in Al Shuaibah, in the province of Mecca. This solar plant is expected to be the largest in the Middle East to date and the project is expected to reach commercial operation by the fourth quarter of 2025.

“Saudi Arabia’s commitment to solar energy, taking advantage of its geographical location, is paramount in order to achieve the country’s targets set for 2030. It is essential that, at the same time as there is a greater penetration of renewable energies, the different investors and the government also support the digitalization of these installations with the aim of achieving greater profitability and operational efficiency,” said Adolfo García-Figueras, Business Development director at WILOC.

García-Figueras points out that “thanks to the solutions we offer, we have been able to reduce the time required for the commissioning of each solar plant by more than 20%. WILOC has always been committed to the most innovative technologies so that operators can have a complete overview of the construction site and each of the materials, including where they will be installed, avoiding errors and planning the entire process to always have everything under control. For this very reason, and with the aim of collaborating in the achievement of Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030,” we provide our most advanced solutions, not only to promote the rapid construction of all new solar parks, but also to boost the productivity of those already in operation.”

WILOC specializes in solutions that enable the complete traceability of each material used in construction, from the moment it leaves the factory until it is commissioned for operation. Thanks to the support of a monitoring, management and visualization platform, utilities, specifiers and the entire installation contracting chain can have detailed control over the traceability of the different elements, the exact location where each element will be installed or its status according to its technical characteristics and its handling during the different phases prior to its entry into operation. The use of these solutions minimizes the margin of human error during the logistics and installation process, which in turn reduces costs and increases the overall efficiency of the project.


WILOC is a world leader in the implementation of cutting-edge solutions for the digitization of processes in different industrial sectors, such as renewable energies, extraction and processing of oil and gas derivatives, construction or traceability of assets and people in smart ports 4.0, contributing to the optimization and reduction of costs. Its solutions, multifunctional, fully scalable and versatile, are aimed at ensuring the safety of workers in all types of industries thanks to its real-time positioning and management of access, entrances, exits and presence; increasing productivity in the renewable energy sector through the digitization of processes; the management and control of assets in warehouses; or the location and management of heavy machinery in large engineering sites. WILOC is currently collaborating with some of the main international engineering projects in markets such as the USA, Saudi Arabia or Singapore, or in different European countries, including Spain.

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