ABB to Upgrade Control Systems at Two Spanish Power Plants

ABB to Upgrade Control Systems at Two Spanish Power Plants
ABB to Upgrade Control Systems at Two Spanish Power Plants

ABB has won a contract for the modernization of two power plants in Spain, Aboño 2 (pictured above) and Soto 5, owned by EDP, a prominent player in the energy sector. The project ensures compliance with NIS2 European cybersecurity regulation and provides solutions for addressing potential cyber threats more effectively.

“By integrating digital technologies, the power plants will be able to optimize their operations and achieve greater efficiency and reliability,” said José Alfonso Almansa, Power Generation manager at ABB in Spain. “ABB Ability System 800xA enables operators to make better-informed decisions, respond more effectively to process abnormalities and optimize overall system performance.”
To further simplify the cybersecurity operations, the project scope also includes the implementation of ABB Ability Cyber Security Workplace as part of the ABB Care service contract. In addition, the modernization efforts extend the lifespan of the power plants and provide them with access to advanced digital solutions without jeopardizing cybersecurity.

Leading digital and automation solutions

The project between ABB and EDP underscores the significance of collaboration in driving innovation in the energy sector.
“EDP, as a leading power generation company, recognizes the importance of staying in front of technological advancements to meet the evolving demands of the industry,” said José Antonio de la Guerra Alonso, director of Maintenance CPT Soto de Ribera at EDP. “By leveraging ABB’s expertise in automation and cybersecurity, EDP aims to ensure continued success and operational excellence of its power plants.”

“This project, scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023, is another important step in ABB’s commitment to enabling smarter, safer and more reliable operations by addressing the critical needs of the energy industry,” added José Alfonso Almansa. “This will make significant strides in advancing the digital transformation and cybersecurity resilience of the power generation sector in Spain.”

Ensuring the highest levels of security

By deploying ABB Ability Cyber Security Workplace, the power plants ensure compliance with the new European regulation for cybersecurity in operational technology (OT) systems, such as the distributed control systems (DCS) used in power plants. This innovative technology enables the identification and supports the quick remediation of cybersecurity risks, by providing a comprehensive view of security operations.
“The ABB Ability Cyber Security Workplace is an innovative cybersecurity solution for OT systems, enabling compliance with the European NIS2 regulation through security update management, malware protection management, and backup & recovery management functionality,” José Alfonso Almansa concluded.
The project is relevant for Europe, where power generation and compliance with cybersecurity regulations are critical concerns. ABB control systems play a significant role in Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPPs) in Spain. Soto 5 is the first power plant in Spain to adopt the ABB Ability Cyber Security Workplace solution.

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